We believe that an increased understanding of brain injury will significantly help a person and their family adapt to the immense changes that brain injury can bring.

Our Information & Outreach Officers are often the first point of contact for people to our charity. They work closely with other services to ensure people are offered information at the earliest opportunity following their brain injury.

Our Information & Outreach Officers can :

  • Provide information on the effects of acquired brain injury

  • Provide emotional support

  • Act as a point of referral for other relevant medical and social care professionals

  • Signpost to other organisations

  • Provide assistance in relation to disability benefits and other practical issues

The level and type of help that our Information & Outreach Officers give is different for each person. This is because we want to increase independence and help people to rebuild the parts of their life that matter the most to them.

Our Information & Outreach Officers provide support over the phone, via email and in person at our offices, or home visits.