Counselling Service

Supporting individuals and their loved ones through the challenges that come with brain injury

If you need counselling to cope with the difficulties you’re facing as a result of your brain injury, our trained and registered counsellors are here to help. Our counselling service is open to individuals affected by acquired brain injury, including family and carers. Please note that we highly subsidies the cost of this service and that there is a waiting list for this service. If you would like support, please contact us.

Counselling is an opportunity to:

  • Explore the difficulties you may be having with someone who is detached from the situation.

  • Understand more about yourself, your feelings and the way you respond in situations and relationships.

  • Be aware of your choices.

  • Help you to identify where you can change things for the better.

We can give you one counselling session every week for 6 weeks. An advance payment of £90 is required to cover these 6 sessions.

Meet our counsellors…


This is Joanna, as a specialist social worker, she has a vast experience in working with people with Acquired Brain Injury. She is a fully qualified counsellor and provides weekly sessions for our members on a voluntary basis.

This tranquil space is where we create a safe and supportive environment for our service users to open up, heal, and grow. With comfortable seating, soft lighting, and calming decor, we strive to make everyone feel at ease. Our dedicated team is here for you every step of the way, whether you’re seeking guidance, support, or a listening ear.

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