Do you have thoughts and ideas on how to make a better UK welfare benefits system?

The Commission on Social Security is a project set up to find out how to make the welfare benefits system better. The commissioners want to hear your thoughts. Act now, the deadline is the 31st July 2019.

The project is using a “Commission of Inquiry” model. This means that a panel of people, separate from Government, will find out the information.

The project is user led. This means that all the people on the panel (the Commissioners) are people who are on or have been on benefits. The Commissioners come from a range of user led organisations speaking up for people on benefits, and Deaf and Disabled people.

The Commissioners are in charge of the work done by the team who support the project. More information about the Commission on Social Security is available at

You can have your say in any format that is accessible to you:

› Filling in this form: Call for Solutions, and emailing it to

› Complete the online form by clicking here

› Sending answers to the questions on the form in British Sign Language or Easy Read format to

› If you need the questions in a different accessible format, please email